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Microtek Solar PCU 2550/24V PWM Based Inverter UPS


  • Wave Type: Pure Sine Wave
  • Charger Technology: Pulse with modulation
  • Solar PV module compatibility – 1800Wp
  • Solar panel current: 50 amps
  • Solar panel VOC: 45-50V
  • Transfer Time: ≤ 12 msec.
  • Mains Re-Connect / Dis-Connect Voltage: 23 V & 28.2 V
  • Protections: Short Circuit, High voltage, Low battery shutdown
  • Pure Sine Wave Technology using PWM topology with inbuilt Real Time Clock.
  • Smart solar selection for max. utilization of Solar Power.
  • Intelligent Battery Charging and Charge sharing with Mains / Charging by Solar Power Only.
  • Maintain Gravity of battery by a special program.
  • Provision for setting of critical parameters.


  • PWM Charge Controller: Microtek solar PCU – Power Conditioning Unit which has latest PWM‚ (Pulse Width Modulation) charge controller. It enables you to extract maximum power from Solar Renewable Energy.
  • Charging Sharing: Microtek solar PCU is logically designed to check the output power of the solar panels. If the solar panel output power is sufficient to charge the battery, then no power is taken from the mains. however, If there is no sufficient solar power, then the remaining power to charge the battery bank will be taken from the mains.
  • Priority Setting: Always gives priority to solar for running Electrical Load and uses the rest of solar power for charging the battery bank. It also decide when to connect to grid.
  • Super Informative User friendly LCD: A user friendly LCD that displays important information like Grid Units Saved (KWH), Solar Power Available (Watt), PV Voltage, PV Current, Grid Voltage, battery Voltage etc.
  • Safe for your Home: Microtek Solar PCU Inverter UPS is armed with comprehensive protection features such as Low Battery, Low Battery Shutdown, Output Overload, Output Short Circuit with Solar.

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